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A Case of Vibrio vulnificus Infection Improved with Conservative Treatment in Kagoshima
1)Department of General Medicine, Kagoshima Seikyo Hospital, 2)Department of Infection Control and Prevention, Kurume University School of Medicine
Masanari KOMATSU1), Hiroki YAMAKUCHI1), Tomohide OKINAKA1), Kenichiro YAITA2) & Hiroko SAEKI1)
(Received September 20, 2016)
(Accepted January 5, 2017)
Key words: Vibrio vulnificus, blood culture, cellulitis

We herein report on a case of Vibrio vulnificus infection that was improved by conservative treatment in Kagoshima, Japan. A 75-year-old Japanese woman with liver cirrhosis presented to our hospital with shaking chill and right lower leg pain. Her blood culture was positive for V. vulnificus, and bullae had newly appeared on the right leg. Further history taking revealed that she had eaten some raw seafood before admission. She recovered following administration of antibiotics and small incisions in the lesion. West Japan (especially, the northern parts of Kyushu island) is well known as an endemic area of V. vulnificus infection: however, some cases had been reported in other areas in Japan. When clinicians treat cellulitis with risk factors, we should consider the possibility of V. vulnificus infection, even in a non-endemic area. Taking blood culture and early administration of appropriate antibiotics may contribute to conservative cure of some case of V. vulnificus infection.

[ Kansenshogaku Zasshi 91: 163-165, 2017 ]

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