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Chest X-ray-diagnosed Pneumonia and Clinical Severity of Inpatients with RS Virus and Human Metapneumovirus Infection
1)Department of Neonatology, Hiroshima City Hiroshima Citizen's Hospital, 2)Department of Pediatrics, Hiroshima City Funairi Citizen's Hospital
(Received June 5, 2017)
(Accepted August 29, 2017)
Key words: RS virus, human metapneumovirus, viral pneumonia

Conflicting results have been reported regarding pneumonia as diagnosed using chest X-rays or the clinical severity of RSV and hMPV infection. In this study, we investigated whether chest X-ray-diagnosed pneumonia may be associated with the clinical severity of RSV and hMPV infection. The participants were retrospectively selected from patients hospitalized in Hiroshima City Funairi Citizens Hospital between April 2014 and March 2015 who tested positive with RSV or hMPV rapid tests. Based on chest X-rays, pneumonia was confirmed in 24.6% (31/126 patients) of the RSV-positive and 42.5% (31/73 patients) of the hMPV-positive patients. We found that the percentage of individuals with pneumonia was significantly higher in hMPV-positive than in RSV-positive patients (p<0.01). We observed no significant difference in clinical severity between patients with RSV-related pneunmonia and those with hMPV-related pneumonia, as assessed using labored breathing, SpO2 on admission, serum CRP level, and duration of hospitalization. We next compared the clinical severity of RSV-positive patients and hMPV-positive patients with or without pneumonia. The patients with pneumonia showed a slightly decreased SpO2 on admission and increased serum CRP level, but these changes were not significantly different from a clinical perspective. There was no significant difference in labored breathing and duration of hospitalization. Thus, our study revealed that the percentage of patients with pneumonia was higher in hMPV-positive than RSV-positive patients; however, this difference cannot serve as a predictive factor of clinical severity. In addition, clinical severity was similar for patients with RSV- and hMPV-related pneumonia.

[ Kansenshogaku Zasshi 91: 943-947, 2017 ]

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