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An Analysis of a Case in which Bacillus cereus Bacteremia Developed from the Use of Carry-on Towels which Resulted in the Horizontal Transmission of this Organism in the Same Ward
1)Department of Infectious Disease Medicine, Fukuoka Red Cross Hospital, 2)Department of General Medicine, Fukuoka Red Cross Hospital
Keiji NAKAMURA1), Akira YARIMIZU1), Takeshi IHARA2), Yasunori SAWAYAMA2) & Toshiyuki ISHIMARU1)
(Received April 25, 2017)
(Accepted October 30, 2017)
Key words: Bacillus cereus, nosocomial infection, linen

A 88-year-old woman who was admitted to our hospital with aspiration pneumonia developed bacteremia with Bacillus cereus. She had cellulitis around the intravenous catheter on her leg. Then bacterial cultures were performed on her belongings and environment, and B. cereus was cultured positive from the towels brought by her family. At the same period of time, we experienced 4 other febrile cases in the same ward and B. cereus bacteremia was comfirmed in one case. Bacterial culture examination was performed to seek the source of the bacteria, and we had a positive result with B. cereus from the keyboard of a personal computer on the same floor. Horizontal transmission of B. cereus from the towels brought by the index patient's family was suspected.

[ Kansenshogaku Zasshi 92: 80-85, 2018 ]

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