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The Influence of a Legal Revision on Infectious Agent Surveillance in Local Public Health Institutes
SAITAMA Institute of Public Health
Fumiya YAMADA, Kazue UCHIDA, Michiyo SHINOHARA & Tsuyoshi KISIMOTO
(Received August 22, 2017)
(Accepted March 6, 2018)
Key words: public health institutes, infectious agents surveillance, legal revision

Subject:An information gathering system for infectious agent surveillance was strengthened by revision of an act on prevention of infectious diseases and medical care for patients with infectious disease.

We investigated the influence of the revision on sentinel surveillance of category 5 viral diseases.

Method:In 81 local public health institutions in Japan which carry out viral examinations questionnaires were conducted which investigated the number of specimens of viral disease obtained in each institution from April to September of each year from 2014 to 2016. The number of specimens before and after institutional revision were compared.

Result:The number of specimens of influenza significantly increased following revision of the system. However, there was no common increase in other diseases in pediatric subjects after the revision.

Conclusion:The increase of the number of the specimens in the influenza surveillance was regarded as a result of national standardization following the revision. On the other hand it was thought that the revision had little influence on other virus disease surveillance results.

[ Kansenshogaku Zasshi 92: 365-370, 2018 ]

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