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A Case of Pleural Empyema Caused by Parvimonas micra
1)Department of Respiratory Medicine, Kanagawa Cardiovascular and Respiratory Center, 2)Division of Anaerobe Research, Life Science Research Center, Gifu University
Ryota OTOSHI1), Hideaki YAMAKAWA1), Eri HAGIWARA1), Goushi MATAMA1), Shigeru KOMATSU1), Masahiro HAYASHI2), Kaori TANAKA2) & Takashi OGURA1)
(Received April 3, 2018)
(Accepted September 5, 2018)
Key words: Parvimonas micra, empyema, 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing

A 80-year-old man with non-tuberculous mycobacteriosis developed dyspnea and right chest pain and was therefore admitted to our hospital.

Chest computed tomography demonstrated a right pleural effusion. Analysis of the aspirate from the pleural effusion revealed empyema and evidence of gram-positive coccal bacteria. Because his empyema did not resolve with chest tube drainage and antibiotics, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery was performed, and Parvimonas micra was cultured from the pleural effusion. The sequence of the 16S rRNA gene was 99.4% identical to that of P. micra strain. Although the P. micra infection in the pleural cavity is uncommon, it should be considered as a pathogenic bacterium of empyema.

[ Kansenshogaku Zasshi 92: 891-896, 2018 ]

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